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Choosing a Colour For Your Interior

Choosing a colour for your interior is one of the most important factors in determining how the inside of your home will look. Selecting the wrong colours will make rooms look too small, too wild or just plain ugly. A suitable choice can be a major improvement for relatively little cash. The walls of a house are the backdrop for all decorating, furnishings and day-to-day living. It’s important to pick the right tone. Here are some tips and some factors you should consider:

Size of your room:

If you have a large space that you’d like to make appear cozier, opting for a deeper tone can accomplish that. If you have a tiny room and want it to appear larger, sticking with light neutral colours can achieve that. Painting a small room a dark color will make it feel claustrophobic and a large all white room can look impersonal and cold, which may not be a good option.

Natural light:

Another thing to take into consideration is the natural light flowing into a room through windows and skylights. If your space is dark, you’ll want to stick to lighter hues to brighten up the space. If you have plenty of natural sunlight, your colors will be brighter and you will have a wider range of colours to choose from.

Picking the right shade:

If you choose a common colour such as red or blue, you may be overwhelmed by the vast number of shades there are for these colours. Some are cooler and others are warmer. Cool tones lean towards the blue side of the spectrum while warm colours tend to lean towards the red and yellow side of the spectrum.

For example if you’re trying to match the colour of your sofa, it would be wise to take some paint chips back home with you and compare them with the furniture in your room. Pin them up on the wall and live with them for a day or two to see how they pick up the light.

Trying some samples:

Once you’ve gotten a few colors narrowed down, get the store clerk to mix up some samples for you. You never really know what it’s going to look like till you see it on your wall. Bring home two or three options back to your home and brush them on. Let the samples dry and then make your decision.