Exterior Painting

Exterior painting helps protect your home, office building, or industrial complex from wear due to age and weather elements. A good exterior paint job will also add both aesthetic and financial value to a building. At Let’s Remodel, we offer premium quality exterior painting in Oakville and surrounding areas for both residential and commercial buildings. Before you give us a call for a quote, kindly take a few moments to discover the basic processes we use to deliver our exterior painting service.

Client Consultation

We begin every major paint job with a detailed consultation to determine your needs, desires and expectations. During this consultation, we will educate you on the pros and cons of each choice of paint, colour combination, texture and other materials. We will also provide samples of our work so you can have a clear picture of how the finished job would look. We conclude this stage by making a list of specifications that will serve as a guide for the rest of the project.

Preparation and Estimates

After the initial consultation, we will do a detailed inspection and take all necessary measurements. Then we will provide estimates for the project. You will also get a quote for the cost of labour and all other costs involved in the project.


For old buildings constructed before 1978, we will start with a lead test. But for newer buildings, we start by setting up scaffolds and other structures required for the painting job. Then we wash the walls of the building with water and special cleansers to remove any dirt, sports, mildew and grime, which can prevent the paint from adhering properly to the walls. Next, we scrape all loose and flaking paint and smooth out rough spots before we fill holes and dings. We also apply a primer and caulk to joints to prevent water infiltration before we apply coatings of paint.

Clean Up

After completing the main paint job, we ensure that we clean up the surroundings of your building. We remove all the old paint we peeled off the walls and dispose of them in compliance with environmental protection regulations. After we have completed the entire job, we provide a follow up service to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work.

For more details and enquiries about our exterior and interior painting service, please give us a call now or contact us by email. We offer free consultation for our services and we will give you professional advice on how to maximise the benefits of your exterior painting project.